YOU learn how to use protective shielding you already OWN against  incoming aggressive, hostile, negative energies

  • protection against pain, grief, loss, hostility, uncertainty
  • increase motivating energy and feelings of wholeness
  • choose which negative energies to block, return unopened, or release 
  • Control emotional environment so you live whole, loving, and happy.

BE Courageous find your own empath freedom...

  • Collect your 'no charge' resources with a single click and no email required
  • Check out Shielding and Identity Workshops for all levels of empath
  • Details: 1:1 VIP Empath Training 

CHOOSE to end overwhelm, isolation, self-doubt, and fear of your future.  

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Step 1 'No Charge, No Strings Attached' unique DIY educational resources and MP3 downloads (no email address required)

Step 2 Intro: affordable Group Workshops -  world-wide call-in training for all levels of empath shielding, empath identity, and decoded empath inner critic

Step 3 Intro: VIP Elite 1:1 private empath coaching for high profile empaths in need of confidential fast track skills training

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Complimentary Empath Skills Conversation with Empath Coach Sue including:

  • 60 minute phone conversation dedicated to you and your empath needs and existing skills
  • MP3 download of highlights and recommendations ‚Äč
  • PDF Blueprint of simple strategies to end overwhelm and embrace ALL your empathic abilities

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