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A few things I've learned as an empath trainer: 

A little known FACT: Empaths help people for selfish reasons!  AND it's allowed to be selfish in this way! 

I actually feel emotional and physical pain when reading Facebook empath group posts begging for help.  Untrained or newly awakening empaths share feelings of massive confusion, pain, and emotional suffering!  I 'feel' their desperation.  If you could help... as I am, here, would you?  ​

An unknown FACT:  Empaths help others because it's one way to make the pain to stop!  

We nurture, heal, lead, and offer advice because when the pain others are feeling goes away, so does ours - temporarily!      I want MY pain to stop because it (selfishly) feels so good, when your pain stops! 

This website is for you, and about you.  It's my response to all who are searching for answers, tools, and empowerment to take back your lives. 

Life taught me to be an empath: 

Divorce made me a better empath:  I divorced after 25 years married, but I’m still the Mom and Grandma 20 years later. Relationships are really important to me but emotionally, physically, and spiritually I 'feel' what my loved ones are feeling. Because of being an empath feeling everything from everybody was messing up all our lives, I needed to figure out how to recognize what was theirs and what was mine.   Eventually, I figured out how to separate their 'feelings' from mine! AND gave myself less stress, and less need to isolate myself from others.  I saved my own life. 

Your Courageous Path Toolbox 

My Courageous Path toolbox is huge and growing larger every day because every empath I work with teaches me something new to teach you when you are ready.  My toolbox holds 2 years of professional life coaching training, plus time tested systems (10 years) teaching empaths to build empowered trustworthy identity, AND to customize their own shielding to repel negative unhealthy needy energy. I teach you how to do this for yourself with ease and self-love.  

If anything I have shared here sounds like you, and if you feel the need for a little direction, I encourage you to connect with me for your complimentary, completely no obligation empath conversation.   If nothing else, you will know you aren't alone and you will validate the best parts of yourself.    


                                                                                                                               Empath Coach Sue  

Empath Coach Sue's Credentials:  

My professional coach status?  I'm an Adlerian trained life coach. Since graduating 2006, I’ve grown through being a life foundations coach, change/transitions coach, success strategy coach, and soul coach... all of which pushed me into becoming very visible online.  BUT All you really need to know is that I've put life foundations coaching together with the energetic vibrations, we empaths feel 24/7, to give YOU powerful empath shielding training to protect you from what stresses you most. So you have more room in your lives to discover and live your passion.  My passion is to help you stop the your pain.  

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I learned early, that we empaths need top skills to fit into the real world, 'cause it's not going away.  

When I was young, I used my untrained empath skills to survive. Back then I didn't really know HOW my skills or my shielding worked. But I learned to very effectively, though unconsciously to shield as a very young child.   NOW... I've taken the time to unpack my own empath experiences and those of hundreds of others, so I DO know how our skills work! 

I learned ALL  of this first hand, trial and error. In the beginning it was painful, because there were no teachers who could train me to shield myself from incoming negative or needy energy.  There wasn't anybody to teach me about grounding my energy between heaven and earth.  Years ago, empath books were filled with metaphysical jargon way beyond my pay grade.  AND I was desperate for real tools I could relate to... to practice, touch, feel, and work with. It's taken my whole lifetime... but... I learned on my own... with with the help of my guides and angels... and now I teach. ​

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