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Basics Empath Shielding Training 

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Module 1.  Learn the Basics of Empath Shielding

1.  Manage Negative Energy

2. STOP Overwhelm

3.  End Isolation ​

                         4.  Improve Relationships 

            Module 2.  Transform Inner Critic  

                               From Saboteur to Support System

           Module 3.  Answer:

                                   Who AM I?  

What Is My Purpose?  


You Get:   

  • No stress - 20 minute Webinar Lessons delivered to your inbox 3 times per week (20 min. lessons)  PDF Transcript included

  • First Monday of every month  JOIN live Group Webinar Lesson (60 minutes) Recorded and posted on the Forum, also Archived in FILES

  • 1 Last Monday of every month JOIN live phone in Q & A  (Recorded and posted on the Forum just in case you missed the call)

  • Community Forum - monitored daily with coaching responses under your question. Answered by your empath mentor within 24 hours

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Cost:     $39.39 per month   -  First 3 weeks Free


Option #1  

Learn at your own pace

                 Courageous Path Empath Training Academy

Membership   $39.39 per month  First 3 Weeks FREE 

I want my 3 Week FREE Trial

Disclaimer:   Courageous Path Empath Training Academy is not designed to replace your ongoing mental health treatment plan or medication regimen.  AT NO TIME will you be advised to discontinue OR stop pre-existing treatment, or medication without your doctor's knowledge or permission. By joining Courageous Path Empath Training Academy, all participants agree that they are responsible for all their own choices and that at no time during the program or in the future will Susan Rumack, Courageous Path Empath Support, or the Courageous Path Empath Training Academy be held responsible for those choices or outcomes.  All training and resource materials are provided for learning and personal research only.  

I want my 3 Week FREE Trial


     Courageous Path Empath Support                                                                                        + 416 596 9771

          email:  Support@CourageousPath.com     Empath Trainer:   Sue Rumack  

​​Courageous Path Empath Training Academy

​Option #1  

Learn at your own pace
Begin with $39.39 per month 

Academy Membership

Basics Empath Shielding Training

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Choose Small Group Live Workshops

Shielding Basics Levels 1 / 2 / 3


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No Empath Left Behind because even in the Do-It-Yourself  self-study

we still hold your hand every step of the way 

What's Different?

1.  No Peer Coaching

2.  Set your OWN pace 

3.  Webinar training PLUS

     Live Q&A monthly  - ASK your

     question live and get coached

     on the spot!  

4.  Recorded Q&A accessible and      archived  in FILES 

5. SAFE monitored Community

     Forum supportive safety net

6Start Learning Immediately -

    short 20 minute lessons

    means you have time to

    practice and integrate new             ideas before the next


7. Less overwhelm,

    less crowding of info

    in your mind

Courageous Path Empath Support Support for EmpathS