What does it look like physically?
Where does it live in your body?
How does it partner with Mind/Body, Spirit, Soul?
What kind of energy does it actually send out that defines your presence to others?
Why is it important for you to know this?


What does it look like? 
How much space does it take up?
How is it connected to your mind/spirit/soul/essence?
When you view its body what do you know about you?
How do you want a conscious partnership between Essential body and your human body to work?


How does the presence of Essence make itself known in your mind?
What does it feel like to share a mind with an ancient energy?
How does it communicate with your human mind/presence?
What more do you want from this partnered communication if it is to be conscious?

Does Signature Essence connect with your Soul Essence?
How are they connected?
What  purpose does Signature and Soul essence merged serve your human body?

If Spirit is the perception center, conscience, and inner critic who manages self-belief, how do you want it to partner with your signature energy?
What needs to happen for this partnership to be successful?
What do you, the human, need to do to ensure that Spirit and Essence are both talking to you about your choices and how they are perceived in the real world by others. 



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