• Visibility  be heard, seen, and understood
  • Acceptance  Someone, like you, understands - you are not alone 
  • Custom Tools easy, freely shared empath tools 
  • Next Steps Blueprint  end your call with acustomized empath development blueprint including a release from overwhelm and immediately implementable tools 
  • Highlights emailed PDF written highlights and recommendations 
  • MP3 Replay  emailed unedited MP3 of the entire call, so not one moment of guidance, aha moment, or awakening enlightenment is lost
  • Options  receive your customized options to get the empath skills training YOU need at the price you can afford including specific free resources on this site, Affordable (empath community) Group Training, VIP Empath 1:1 fast track training.  

Every resource, program and service at Courageous Path Empath Support is designed for fast transition into strength, awareness, acceptance, and release of what has kept you stuck.  

Courageous Path Empath Support Support for EmpathS



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          email:  Support@CourageousPath.com     Empath Trainer:   Sue Rumack  

first courageous steps along your path 

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Conversations change lives: 

  • Talk about ANYTHING empath related from health to relationship to job to your kids.
  • Entrepreneurs, healers, healthcare professionals, leaders: talk about how to understand your empath skills so they don't desert you when you need them most.
  • Empath moms and dads, you feel everything your kids feel, right from their conception. You take in every feeling they have but don't know how to lovingly separate their feelings from your own.  
  • Divorced, Single, Married but not happy... in complicated relationships? What if relationships made sense?  

The Conversation Experience:

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