Brain Energies:  Your brain is the generator running measurable electrical frequencies which coordinates all of your physical extremities and extends your technical vibrational frequencies into this 24 inch buffer zone surrounding you and beyond as warning and welcome to outsiders. 

Emotional Energies:  Uniquely your buffer zone’s outer vibration and your Inner Critic are both governed by your beliefs as well.  Emotional responses generated in the intellectual cortex of your mind sends different energetic frequencies in response to outer and inner stimulae.

Spiritual Energies:  Spiritual energetic response is generated through your heart response to beliefs.

1. Your brain’s computer system vibrates at physical frequencies.

2. Your emotions vibrate at a different frequency from the physical.

3. Your heart vibrates at a 3rd frequency from either physical or emotional frequencies. 

 People around you are impacted by all three layers of energy; when they are not in sequence confusion results for you and for others.   

Beliefs   housed in your memories about Self and Others set up your emotional responses to everyday situations in ways that spin energy into waves, pulses, peaks, and valleys unconsciously directed inwards and outwards. These energetic responses instantly impact your behaviour and equally impact the emotions of others when those same waves ripple outwards and bump up against their personal 24 inches of air.


What is energetic healing?
Starting with the obvious, true healing in any form is not voodoo or superstition.  Energetic healing begins in belief of significant benefit from the outcome before you are willing to commit to whatever it takes to transform one state of being to another. 

State of Being simply means the speed at which the energy is moving around or inside you. 

Example: Recently an Energy Shielding Basics For Beginners participant asked her workshop-mates to support her as she prepared to deal with a difficult relative.  She added the comment: ”this relative always flips my guts"…  a very powerfully impacting statement for the originator and the reader. What is she really describing? 

By describing her own physical reaction when around this relative she is accidentally describing her physical reaction to the vibrational frequency she is picking up coming from an outside source.  Add to this, the history she has with this other person and you get "gut flipping"!  She is running the old story as the background to anticipating and inventing outcome, that has not yet happened.  The result is the physical sensation she creates of her own "guts flipping over".  What will her next actions be?  What will she prove and re-embed in her mind about this relative?  How can this chain reaction of repeating behaviours heal?


Healing Your Personal Space
Learning to recognize physical sensations, like gut flipping, as warning of incoming damaging energy is the first step in healing the energy you put into your 24 outer inches.  You might ask, why not slam up protection against this invader? It's a good question with a slightly odd answer. 

Sometime in the past, the other person gave you reason to fear them, and it is possible that you are correctly anticipating another real attack from them, however, this present time attack is coming from inside you first.  In reality, until proven otherwise, there may not be an attack in progress from this outside person.  But how do you sort out source of the danger you feel?

When you have history with a person, and communication rarely goes well with that person, energetic space clearing and healing is needed for YOU to gather strength to change your future responses.  The benefit of doing this work means freedom to build positive belief in your Self and strength in dealing with others beyond this one person.  This person represents a category of responses you have with similar others.   The benefit of changing behaviours from the inside out is freedom. But HOW?


The HOW begins deep inside your heart. 
Close your eyes to look inside without distraction. Breathe slowly and deeply.  Then ask if what you feel is yours or belongs to someone else's energy.  If the answer is YOURS, send a wave of compassion for the old hurt to the place inside that holds old hurts. Be patient, keep sending yourself love, compassion and healing as you feel the old hurt and distrust melt and evaporate.  When completely gone, fill the newly empty space with self-compassion and appreciation for who you are at your best.  When ready turn your inner eye outward to the 24 inches of air surrounding your body. 

Notice if you are trying too hard to block incoming energy from this other person?  If YES,  check the kind of  energy trying to get in.  Is it needy, or fearful; looking for safety in you? Is it bullying and insecure; trying to prove its superiority?  What does it really need?  How will you respond?


Your response is where your own healing comes from.  
When you slow your old response pattern from hitting back with slamming up protective walls,  and instead take a moment to observe the appropriate protection you really need, you will be surprised at how needy and weak your opponent truly is.


How do you secure your outer energetic perimeter to give the safety YOU need? 
Ask what this attacker needs.  It might be a firm return-to-sender message energetically sent in a way the other person will feel safe accepting.  To the gut flipping relative, you might send a one-word-thought, UNACCEPTABLE, sent out on a slow ripple of compassion for her pain, ego, or lack of self-belief. 


How do you Begin your energetic healing so you begin to feel freedom through your actions?
Send this message, not from your brain which is the emotion centre of your energetic being, but from your heart, the true healing centre of your energetic being.  This energetic send heals the inner you and touches the heart of your intended recipient. However, there is secondary, unforeseen benefit.  As your energetic message leaves your personal space it not only ripples directly to your attacker, it also touches everyone around you.  They feel safer within the compassion you are radiating and feel protected knowing someone has responded appropriately to another's unacceptable energetic bullying.


To build energetic healing into your personal space, you first need to understand personal space and all of its layers.   This channeled message has attempted to provide an easily visualized picture of the human personal space.  We have given you a description, a real life story and a process we hope will make it easier for you to manage your personal space in a healthy and progressive way. 


Remember:  Personal space begins from your inner (spiritual) heart extending outwards through your physical body to about 24 inches into the air surrounding you in all directions.  How you direct Brain, Emotions, and Spiritual energies is up to you.  If you aren’t sure how to make healing happen contact for your free consultation.

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Build Energetic Healing Into Your Personal Space

Personal space begins from your inner (spiritual) heart extending outwards through your physical body to about 24 inches into the air  perimeter surrounding you in all directions. 

Physical space holds your body AND 3 layers of electrical energy; brain energy running your body’s organs and systems, emotional energy spinning your reality, spiritual energies grounding you or taking you soaring into the Universe.


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