Every living being on earth has its own unique signature energy imprint.  Non empaths, and empaths alike, pets, wild animals, and working animals, even plants, trees, water, and air, communicates through electrical frequency and vibration. 

How does Outbound Empathic Energy Actually Work
Signature energy is an energy wave, frequency, or electrical signal that is as unique as your fingerprint.  It is like a flavour or essence which when distilled down to its most concentrated form defines your presence in the Universe.  The one and only you is a musical note or tone that sounds in the vastness of the Universe.  Since your 'tone' is energy, and we all know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, we must assume that your signature has been resonating as long as the Universe has been in existence and originated perhaps at the moment of the Big Bang. 

At your human conception, in this lifetime, unassigned energy found its next home and here you are.  Perhaps there was a plan, perhaps it is random but in this lifetime we may never know the origin of our unique signature energy.  

Energy impacts when it attaches to other energy. It rebounds when it bumps up against other energies, and it repels when there is an opposing energy.   Do humans consciously use this energy?  The answer to this is documented scientifically with energy graphs, brain scans, and behavioural science research.

The 4 Empath Personalities

Some consciously aware people have trained themselves to use their outbound energy to influence others.  Energy vampires look for vulnerable energetic signatures upon which to prey.

  • Nurturers send out waves of calm, healing, and safety. 
  • Promoters perhaps unconsciously know how to send out waves of credible energy that manipulates audiences to follow their implied instructions. 
  • Analyzers use their energetic signature to imply caution and leaders.
  • Leaders... well we all have felt the charisma of a leader who knows how to send out the right energetic message to gather followers. 

But the question becomes HOW do they do it? 

Separating Essential Energies From Your Body

When you are able to separate your essential energy, from your body, you can observe it.  You can choose to observe from Mind, Body, Spirit, and/or Soul.  I advise taking the time, to slowly, carefully approach essence, the fifth component of who you are, as a scientist.  If you are to consciously partner with Essence, perhaps it is time to explore every nuance.   Go To  Essential Energies 

​How Do You Recognize Incoming Essential Energy
Empathic Vulnerabilities
Have you ever heard the term, "energy vampire"? 

We aren't talking black magic or voodoo or occult when using this term.  The natural empath, is affected by energies radiating from others.  When those strangers, colleagues and family members feel nervous, anxious, stressed, fearful, loving, joyful, etc., they send out waves of emotional frequency in ripples radiating out from their bodies.  This energy is measurable.  The empath will accidentally pick up the energy waves and their brain will read them, interpret them, and trigger an emotional and/or physical response.  Suddenly out of nowhere they will feel fear, agitation, insecurity, anger, or even incredible joy and even ecstasy. 

Example:  The natural empath may walk into a room with the greatest intention of networking, making business contacts or setting up an all-important meeting BUT the moment they enter the room, they almost instantly feel overwhelmed, confused, unable to focus or think clearly because they have no shields to block the energies of everyone else who is there with their own agenda and sending very loud signals.

The natural but untrained empath is vulnerable to needy, co-dependent others who "feed" off open and available energy, draining it to empty within minutes of contact. Many marriages fail because of the imbalance in energy needs.  Many work situations are escalated into high stress levels for the empath because of their inability to block feelings they are receiving.  The senders have no malice intended, neither are they even aware they are sending such strong signals.   

These are only a few of the predicaments the untrained empath will experience.  Many empaths are in the helping professions, teachers, administrators, and even stay at home moms.  Today, many empaths will take on a second career in direct sales or MLM sales because they are able to connect with others, but don't really know how to use this gift. Without shielding, they quit from the stress. 


Signs of Empathic Stress

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How Emapthic Energy Works

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