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Shielding Using Human Quantum Energy Explained


MARCH 9, 2017

This article is about invisible, protective energetic shielding used by empaths in place of isolation, superstition, and folk remedies to protect themselves from a loud, dangerous, and emotionally overwhelming world. The only effective way to block incoming dangerous energy is with your own energy police force.  Empaths tend to hide out in isolation and prefer anonymity to being visible and vulnerable. BUT you can't live your purpose hiding out behind walls. 

Human Quantum Energy Shields already exist inside every person.  They are pre-programmed to alert you to danager, but not to shield.  And they alert you every single time with body sensations you can't ignore, but don't know how to translate. You need to learn to translate your shield's body language AND to program the level of protection you need. The beauty is that you don't need to construct anything... all you need is reminding of how they work and with a little practice they become self-sufficient at protecting YOU.  Less stress and more time to live your passions.  

Are you the victim or the victor in your own life?
For many, being the victim is more about perception of an event, rather than what's really going on! Personal perception, embedded in old history may push you into being more sensitive than others.  You may be labelled HSP.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) feels every emotion more deeply than most.  HSP has become a recognized, respected personality profile used by psychiatrists and psychologists to describe the strongly intuitive untrained EMPATH.

What is it that separates the highly sensitive from normal people? 

Empaths read and react to human quantum energy as it ricochets within spaces and between people.

Human Quantum Energy Systems

All energy is quantum energy. The untrained empath is a frontline viewer and receiver of human and non human quantum energies as they bump up against each other in the space occupied by people, situations, and objects.

Quantum Energy refers to energy wave systems that form all physical matter and non-physical matter in the Universe. We identify matter as solid and non-solid objects. We experience quantum energy as invisible vibrations as physical sensation in our bodies (stomach butterflies, tense shoulders, sudden exhaustion, brain fog, etc). It's also the stuff of thoughts, and emotions. And it's also what generates mass emotional reactions like love fests and genocides. Energy at the quantum level is contagious and viral in both good and bad ways. A little something to think about.

If you walk into a room and quiet your energy, then observe the room, you can feel and sometimes almost see energies bump up against each other.

This bumping effect could be visualized as human electric energy currents rippling out from individuals like waves that react like bumper cars crashing into and ricocheting off of each other when they come near each other. Varying energies, programmed and directed by you, have the ability to not just bump off others, but to intersect and change both senders through an exchange of information or emotions.  These energies can also entangle two or more energies resulting in calming or inciting reactions.

In entanglement the sender is able to influence the emotions of the receiver(s).  

Example:  A political leader influencing a crowd to take action.  Entangled energies are contagious and can become viral... happiness, negativity, hostility, fear. 

Human Quantum Energy and the Law of Attraction

The empath trained in reading and reacting to energy chooses to intersect or entangle, rather than ricochet off these wild energies. This has powerful implications. 

The result is a different level of positive focused communication which softens, calms, and successfully get through to the hardest, most blocked heart, with the message that the need has been seen, heard, and recognized. Alternatively, a trained sender can incite hostility, violence, and disorder.  Using naturally generated positive energies, communication becomes nonverbal and highly impactful.

The Art of Energetic Shielding

Those trained in the healing arts of energetic shielding are able to calm and influence whole rooms of stressed people when necessary, but usually prefer one on one contact. Empaths can become strong, healing communicators.

Energetically prepared empaths will use their natural natural abilities as healers, teachers, negotiators, leaders in education, business, politics of the future. When trained in human quantum energy techniques many will quietly create safe boundaries for human interaction.

Energetic shielding is far different from self-imposed isolation of thick protective walls built by empathically abused HSP children and continued into adulthood. Quantum energy shields are the future for empaths ready to take their true place in society once again as leaders, elders, wise women and men respected for their gifts. This takes permission, and patience.

The only downside of learning how human quantum energies work is that those with damaging intent also learn how they have been manipulating negative or controlling energy and learn HOW they have been intuitively influencing others all their lives.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  

Our goal is to teach adults to use this power responsibly so they will teach their children by example how to live responsibly, caring for their fellow humans in all their communications. 


Energy Shielding means the end of empaths hiding out from others' damaging energies.

What if empath adults no longer need to self-protect by hiding behind thick, unbreathable, destructive, impermeable walls?  Those who want to take down the self-built prison walls in a safe, protected healing way, need only learn how to use quantum energy shields.

None of this is new.  Empaths already know how this works, they just need reminding and will step into their power naturally. The result is the individual awareness needed to rebuild societies broken by war, and miscommunication between ordinary people.

Summary Highly Sensitive Person Profile

Though usually unaware, HSPs absorb every emotion felt by others, as their own. Unable to separate their own emotions from those belonging elsewhere, they struggle with layers of stress, guilt, fear, neediness, all of which cause anxiety medication cannot control. Frequently, misdiagnosed and over medicated HSPs fall through the cracks and spiral into self-isolation and mental illness.

HSP / Gifted Empath

The HSP is an especially gifted empath. The empath is a person whose gift is to accurately read the emotions of those around them.

Empathic ability is within the ability of every human, however most shut it down because of the extreme pressure they felt as children from parents, teachers, and other authority figures.  Most people want to feel or appear to be normal and fit in.  When faced with shunning, the struggling empath child will block this essential primitive early warning survival system. 

The Empath and Society  

Empaths physically, emotionally, and energetically feel every hostile or angry thought generated by others. These energies are measurable, vibrational electric frequency waves. When intentionally directed at an empath by another person, the unshielded empath feels the hit of energy. When the empath is exposed to wild chaotic energies they react by shutting down.

Empaths feel every abuse to children, animals, and the environment, as if it is shredding their own mind and body. Even this written description is enough to make the HSP empath feel shredded. These gifted HSPs can barely watch TV, listen to the news, or view documentaries where violence or abuse is the theme without feeling emotional and physical pain, fear, stress, and anxiety lasting for hours and sometimes days or weeks. The original triggering incident may be forgotten, but the hangover of feelings spin out the emotional damage long after the original trigger has disappeared.

Is there something wrong with you if you are an HSP? According to straight, or blocked society, yes! HSPs ... empaths... are uncomfortable to be around, we don't fit in.  We need to be medicated and isolated OR reprogrammed to fit in with society's less sensitive norm. But within the empathic community, you are perfectly normal, using your gifts. The missing puzzle piece has been how to control the overwhelm of emotions coming at you.  That puzzle piece is quantum energy shielding.

How do we transform ourselves into healthy, functioning, fully present people when we are so locked behind artificial steel, rock, and mirrors all placed there as self-protection by ourselves? How do we block the danger, that feels as if it is cascading, attacking, and shredding our minds and bodies?

The Answer

Human quantum physics sounds too big when we are overwhelmed and can't manage coherency in those moments. The answer is in visualizing the energy. In personalizing and humanizing its characteristics. In playing within the safety of energy shields you were born with. Nothing new to construct, they are already there. It's a remembering game that heals and teaches at the same time. Religion doesn't enter the picture, nor does politics, or even spirituality.

You can keep your beliefs, your religion, and your passion, you are simply reclaiming something that is already yours. It's a short learning curve.  

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