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Workshop Agenda:

Week 1  Intro and Foundations Building for Inner Critic Transformation
  1. Define How YOU want Inner Critic to Support You
  2. Explore Inner Critic through Inner Shield Eyes  
    • Partner with Soul to uncover supportive Inner Voice
  3. Design current Inner Critic's Physical Body to get beyond the vague voice in your mind. 

Week 2   Using Inner Shield Energies to Control Inner Critic
  1.  Create Physical Tools to Control Inner Critic
  2.  Design Inner Shielding RTS Messages to Re-Educate Inner  Critic 
  3.  Practice Integrating both tools 

Week 3   Hot-Seat 1:1

  1. Practice with Physical Inner Critic Control  
  2. Practice Expanding Inner Shield RTS messages  

Week 4   The Differences between Inner Critic and Inner Voice

  1. Visualize and Program Inner Voice Physical Body 
  2. Recognizing the physical differences between Inner Voice and Inner Critic 
  3. Recognizing the energetic differences between Inner Voice and Inner Critic

Week 5   Hot-Seat 1:1

  1. Writing Inner Shield Job Descriptions
  2. ​Writing Inner Voice Job Descriptions

Week 6   Re-Writing Self Belief, Self-Worth / Replacing Old Patterns

  1. Summary and tying it all together
  2. Intro to Level 3  Emerging Empath Identity:  Who Am I NOW!  What is my emerging Life Purpose?   

Small Focus Group:  
1:1 coaching during fully interactive sessions

Limited to 10 Participants ONLY! 

Exclusive Personal Mentoring within the safety of mutual group learning presented live... weekly...for 6 weeks.  Cost: $611 Valued at $1350   

  • 6 Weeks - six 90 minute webinars (value: $600)

  • PLUS additional four 30 minute 1:1 private phone mentoring sessions (value: $300) per person

  • MP3 Replay sent after each session (value: $300) - build your library

  • PDF Teacher Notes available following each session - (value: $150) build your library  

  • Email Support between sessions (Free)

  • Private FB Community Support Forum 

ALL fees refunded within the first 21 days if Shielding Basics is not for you. Keep all MP3's, PDF's, and Handouts already received. Written request required.

​​​10 Participants ONLY

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Starts:  7:30 pm,  Monday March 20, 2017

Ends:    9 pm Monday  May 1, 2017

Available to Shielding Basics For Beginners grads only 


  • To manage negative, destructive, and sabotaging inner talk
  • To transform the self-saboteur into a trusted success partner  


  • Transform Inner Critic to Inner Voice / Inner Shield partnership.
  • Fine tune Inner Shield to be your co-creator of successful outcomes.
  • Restructure your responses to all negative energies, destructive thoughts coming from old patterns and beliefs.

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Level 2


Empath Shielding Basics 

Inner Shield Training:   The Inner Shield / Inner Critic / Inner Voice Partnership

                                            Transforming Inner Critic from Saboteur to Supportive Advisor 

6 week Workshop Series 

​Workshop Dates:  July 2017 - August 2017

Pre-Requisite:  Level 1  Shielding Basics for Beginners


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          email:     Empath Trainer:   Sue Rumack  

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