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In Levels 1 and 2 you partnered with Shielding Energies to discover how human quantum energy exists.  You learned how to protect your body and mind from damaging energies sent by needy individuals looking for their own solutions.  You also learned how to communicate with and protect your Inner Heart Core. 

In this series of workshops we continue the Soul conversations partnering with your energetic essence to safely uncover your personal identity... the one you were born to be. You also uncover your soul identity... the one who partnered with your pre-birth as adviser, observer, and Godly conduit.  

You will discover Life Purpose and Soul Purpose in exciting new ways.  Welcome to your human/soul adventure into Who You Are Meant To BE! 

Workshop #1 

  • Introduction to Who Am I?  Mind / Body / Spirit / Soul / Energetic Essence

  • Introduction to Life and Soul Purposes  

  • Out of Body Meditation - Soul Dance to meet and play with your Soul in the Soul Dimension 

Workshop #2

  • Inner Shield Exploration of Personal Strengths partnering with Inner Critic Librarian

  • Teaching Module plus Q & A

Workshop #3

  • Hot Seat 1:1  Unpacking YOUR Strengths blending with your  Who Am I Identity

Workshop #4

  • Inner Shield Exploration of Personal Values partnering with Strengths

  • Teaching Module plus Q & A Differentiating Values from Strengths

Workshop #5

  • Hot Seat 1:1  Unpacking YOUR Values, Connecting the Soul Conversations that lead to embracing YOUR true Identity in partnership with Your Soul Identity

Workshop #6

  • Bringing it ALL together into Your Human Identity, Soul Identity, and the energetic signature and vibrational frequency that clearly and truthfully identifies you from everyone else in the human world.  Result:  Personal clarity and inner calm plus outer recognition and respect for the value you bring with you. 

  • Teaching Module plus Q & A  Summary   

Level 3

Empath Identity & Life Purpose

  Who Am I?  

Why Am I here?  

What do I do NOW? 

Workshop Series   6 weeks

Pre-Requisite:  Shielding Basics Levels 1 and 2   

Small Focus Group:  
1:1 coaching during fully interactive sessions

Limited to 10 Participants ONLY! 

Exclusive Personal Mentoring within the safety of mutual group learning presented live... weekly...for 6 weeks.  Cost: $611 Valued at $1350   

  • 6 Weeks - six 90 minute webinars (value: $600)

  • Plus additional four 30 minute 1:1 private phone mentoring sessions (value: $300) per person 

  • MP3 Replay sent after each session (value: $300) - build your library

  • PDF Teacher Notes available following each session - (value: $150) build your library  

  • Email Support between sessions (Free)

  • Private FB Community Support Forum 

ALL fees refunded within the first 21 days if Shielding Basics is not for you. Keep all MP3's, PDF's, and Handouts already received. Written request required.

                 Workshops Dates  July  2017 - September 2017 

                                               October 2017 - December 2017 
                                               January 2018 -  March 2018

Purpose: Discover Your Identity and Life Purpose 

  • To uncover your Human and Soul Identities as separate and unique parts of your WHOLE identity.  Continuing training with shielding energies. 

  • To use Strengths uncovered by Supportive Inner Critic partnerships to validate your true identity 

  • To use inherent Life Values to validate your Life Purpose.  Connect Life and Soul Purposes through Values

  • To deepen your Inner and Outer Shield conversations embedding reclaimed supportive Inner Critic functions 

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