Does Courageous Path Empath Support really help empaths? 


Courageous Path Empath Training

Your Next Steps to Empath Freedom

​​PROOF is in your CHOICES

Affordable Group Coaching

viP  1:1 Private Fast-Track Training

  • VIP is your fast-track to deeper development empathic skills success
  • Go where your business coach can't reach
  • Discover how your charisma attracts opportunity that becomes success

​             VIP Empath Training is elite, 1:1, private and personal


  • Leaderswho need anonymity, privacy, and complete confidentiality to protect their business image and public identity
  • High profile, high energy empaths and leaders on the verge of burnout. 
  • Entrepreneurs who need to clearly separate personal identity from their leverageable business identity to increase future saleability of their business
  • Intuitive healers needing strong, flexible, interactive shields which remain open healing conduits while instantly blocking draining and damaging intake of clients' pain to their own bodies and minds
  • Alternative healers who unknowlngly absorb need, fear, and pain because of inadequate or incomplete shielding techniques


Empath Information Handouts   

Proof is free 



  • #1  Empath Foundations, Myths, and Definitions
  • #2 Empath Values and Strengths
  • #3 The Four Empath Personality Profiles  

​MP3 Download  Empath Grounding and Shielding Webinar 


Live Phone Conversation:  LOTS OF PERKS

Do It Yourself Empath Coaching Resources 

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The most affordable way to learn empathic skills to survive in our chaotic world, to practice new behaviours, and to get feedback from a cross-section of people just like you is in a trainer-led group workshop. 

  • Stop hiding from the world
  • Stop being bullied at any age
  • ​Separate your feelings from those of everyone else



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