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  • #1  Empath Foundations, Myths, and Definitions:The Answers Manual loaded with quick info bytes designed to instantly up-level your understanding of who YOU really are. 

  • #2 Empath Values and Strengths: what they are, how they work, and why it's important for you to know yours 


  • #3 The Four Empath Personality Profiles: how they make communicating on all levels with loved ones, co-workers, and clients, productive and successful AND feel so good.  


Loved the Handouts?       Questions?      Struggling?   Need Help?

Free Resource #2

​MP3 Download  Empath Grounding and Shielding Webinar   

  • 90 Minute Interactive Webinar
  • LEARN what REAL Shielding looks and feels like
  • DISCOVER the permeable 2-way shielding structure that actually protects but does not imprison you behind thick, high, self-isolating walls.
  • RESPECTFUL useful, usable info shared in clear, easy, no-jargon, understandable language that doesn't talk down to you.
  • Get answers to questions you didn't know you could ask! 

Free Resource #3

Live Phone Conversation:  LOTS OF PERKS

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  • Talk about ANYTHING empath related from health, to relationship, to job, to your kids. 
  • Entrepreneurs, Healers, Healthcare Workers, Leaders are at HIGHEST RISK from empathic overwhelm in their daily work environment. 
  • Parents are natural top level risk for empathic burnout because since their child's conception they are tuned in 24/7 to their kids, even from long distances. 


No Fluff, No Fillereach handout is loaded with the answers empaths are crying out for every day on Facebook, Google, and Linked In. The answers come from real Pulse of Awakening empath training case studies, 1:1 VIP training sessions, and personal experiences of life-long empath Sue Rumack, founder of Courageous Path Empath Support.  

All material copyright to Sue Rumack, Pulse of Awakening,  2015.  
All rights reserved. Do not copy or share any part of this document for publication or inclusion in teaching materials without written consent from Sue Rumack.


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          email:     Empath Trainer:   Sue Rumack  

Your Next Steps to Empath Freedom

  • 60 minutes of uninterrupted, all about YOU recorded talk time with Sue Rumack, empath trainer/mentor
  • ​Emailed MP3 unedited replay of your entire empath empowerment conversation - no need to take notes - full attention is on YOU
  • PDF Blueprint,  including specific highlights and recommendations taken directly from your conversation, of your next steps to end overwhelm and self doubt as you embrace ALL your empathic abilities. 
  • Your custom-tailored OFFER  to begin your healing empath skills journey ​ 

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The most affordable way to learn empathic skills to survive in our chaotic world, to practice new behaviours, and to get feedback from a cross-section of people just like you is in a trainer-led group workshop. 

Courageous Path Empath Support Support for EmpathS


Courageous Path Empath Training

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Shielding Webinar

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Does Courageous Path Empath Support really help empaths?  

Free Resource #1     

Empath Information Handouts   

Affordable Group Coaching

​Fact:  Empaths are chronically underemployed or unemployed because most of us haven't found the training or tools to manage our very loud lives.

Fact:  Unable to process environmentally negative, hostile, fearful, sick energy, we repeatedly leave good jobs, careers and relationships seeking solitude and peace.  

Workshop Results: 

  • Stop hiding from the world
  • ​Discover who the best of YOU really is 
  • Understand what your body is telling you to protect yourself better
  • Separate other's feelings of sickness and stress from your body's real feelings... let go and heal
  • Stop being bullied at any age
  • Get heard, seen, and respected at work and at home
  • Talk to your kids so you hear them and THEY hear you 
  • Better communications within teams: increase productivity and income
  • Recognize Your Soul Mate
  • Attract or rebuild the loving relationship you deserve 
  • Save your marriage 
  • Save your physical health
  • Save your mental health​  
  • Save your spiritual health

​Discover how good it feels to be part of an empowering group of people just like you, and let go of being alone in your world. Rejoin the world, give yourself permission to quantum leap from isolation to full-on life engagement in an incredibly safe, supported, respectful guided environment. 

viP  1:1 Private Fast-Track Training

  • VIP is your fast-track to deeper development empathic skills success
  • Continue growing your authenticity from inside where  your business coach can't reach 
  • Complete the incomplete puzzle of WHO you are 
  • Know HOW you connect with others on a feeling to feeling level
  • Know WHY you feel what you feel and how to use feeling to connect on a deeper level 
  • Discover how your charisma attracts opportunity that becomes success

VIP Empath Training is elite, 1:1, private and personal

Who has benefitted from VIP 1:1 Empath Training and Coaching

  • Leaderswho need anonymity, privacy, and complete confidentiality to protect their business image and public identity
  • High profile, high energy empaths on the verge of burnout. 
  • Leaderswho anticipate burnout at some stage and want to avoid it. 
  • Under trained empathic team managers who need to lead more effectively
  • Leadersin heart centered industries who want to lead by example.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to clearly separate personal identity from their leverageable business identity to increase future saleability of their business
  • Intuitive healers needing strong, flexible, interactive shields which remain open healing conduits while instantly blocking draining and damaging intake of clients' pain to their own bodies and minds
  • Alternative healers who unknowlngly absorb need, fear, and pain because of inadequate or incomplete shielding techniques
  • Medical Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, OT's, PT's, Therapists, Counsellors
  • Victims of any kind of abuse including rape
  • Widows/Widowers/Divorced but unable to love life again - overdue in moving forward