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The Empath's Happy Ending 

A Treasure Chest appears in your hand filled with everything you need to heal your life.  No catch, no bait and switch, no lies.  All you have to do is open the lid! ​But do you trust yourself, to trust what’s in the box?

You were born an empath, but nobody ever explained that what you feel is what makes you WHO you are, and it's OK to be who you are.  

For example:   You feel real pain that belongs to others, and believe it’s yours,
BUT how do you get it gone?  You're talking.. but "they" don't get what you're saying...   Bad decisions... bullying... narcissistic lovers, abusive, controlling partners... depression, fear, and isolation is the everyday empath life most are living.  Trust is something all empaths struggle with.  We've been burned before, and aren't open to having it happen again.  

I'm an empath like you but should you trust me, just because I’m an empath?  Maybe yes... maybe no!  You won't know if what I am about to say is true until you prove it for yourself.  

I'm saying... ALL the feelings that get you stuck ARE manageable with proven empath tools and real skills training, but my saying it doesn't make it true until you try the tools, learn the skills, and prove it for yourself. 

How do you start to build trust?  One step at a time... slowly. 
Finnnallyyy, it begins to feel like being an empath makes sense!  You feel confident that you aren't alone in a crazy-making world of overwhelming emotions flooding in from every direction. ​​

I encourage you to do everything you can to build your best life living out loud, proud, and loving who you are.  If you don't know how, contact me... I'll help.


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