Week 12 Finale  Introduce Shielding & Identity/Life Purpose

  • Introduce Shielding and Identity
  • Review personal identity gains over the past 12 weeks
  • Summary and End of Workshop

Week 2   Differences between Active and Pre-programmed Shields

  • Reviewing Basic Shielding - repairing damaged, weakened, over-worked Level 1 shields
  • Differences between Active Shielding and Pre-programmed Shielding 
  • Preparation for Active Shielding  


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Workshop Agenda: 

Shielding Basics Intermediate Workshop

Level 2 Empath Training

Week 1  Private 1:1 Individual Goal Setting

Week 8  Review Active Shielding No Empath Left Behind 

  • Review Active Shielding for optimum use by everyone
  • Each person gets max 10 minutes for personal coaching on the call.  Maximize learning within group experience

Week 7 3-Way Integration between YOU and Your Shields

  • Integrating YOU into the ongoing conversation between your Inner and Outer Shields
  • Hands-On Practice moving in and out of working with your shields using real-life scenarios

Week 9   Blocking Messages 

  • Create a personal archive of Return-to-Sender messages for your personal needy, hostile, inappropriate incoming energy attacks
  • Be inspired by listening to group members unique responses to energy stealers and attackers
  • Review personal goals for this workshop - intention remaining three workshop session to focus personal growth on meeting those goals (Pay attention to your Big WHY


  • To extend and deepen Shielding Basics Level 1 Empath tools and structures

  • Up-level Level 1 Grads to expert empaths able to function, fully present in the real world

  • able to protect against all incoming hostile, dangerous, or needy energy with awareness and peace of mind.  

Week 5 Cont'd Inner Core Training 

  • Active Inner Shield Training
  • Hands-on Practice using Inner Core Shields (using body sensation to anticipate active heart shielding)

Week 4 Inner Core Active Shielding 

  • Intro to Inner Core (Heart) Active Shielding  
  • Use Body Sensation to understand Warnings

Week 6 Integration between Inner and Outer Active Shielding

  • Integrating Inner and Outer Active Shielding
  • Creating the Mind/Body/Essence Conversation between Shields

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All rights reserved. Do not copy or share any part of this document for publication or inclusion in teaching materials without written consent from Sue Rumack.


  • Know what you will accomplish in 12 weeks
  • Know how you will get there BEFORE the classes begin.   
  • Discuss your needs and expectation for Shielding Intermediate Level 2 workshops.  

Courageous Path Empath Support Support for EmpathS


Workshop Fee: $555 ​USD


  • Pre-Workshop 45 - 60 minute Goals Defining 1:1 Private Conversation... Know what you want to end up with at the end of the series BEFORE you Begin

  • Small Focus Group ensures YOU get 1:1 attention. (limit: 15 registrants)  

  • MP3 download (unedited) replay of every session. Don't miss a moment, even if you miss the session

  • 12 Pre-session email PDF Agendas containing Highlights, Tools and Exercises.   Create your manual for future reference  

  • 1:1 spot coaching every session

  • Interactive follow through with hands-on exercises and tools.

  • Live Q&A ending each session 

  • Email Support between sessions

  • Private FB Community Support Forum 

  • Private Invitation to join Empath Healers Mastermind 

Guarantee: Not for you?  

ALL fees refunded AND keep all MP3's, PDF's, and Handouts within the first 21 days. Written request required.


Fully integrated and shielded mind, body, spirit, soul, energetic essence connections  

  • Shielding becomes second nature
  • Using your shields as early warning signal for stressful situations.  
  • Bonding Body Sensation to Shielding
  • Bonding Emotions to Shielding 
  • Bonding Shielding to strong boundary setting - connecting self-beliefs, self-worth & self-image to Inner Core and Outer Perimeter Shields 
  • Bridging Shields to your Spiritual Essence / signature vibrational frequency
  • Instant Repair for damaged or weakened shields
  • Weekly practice checking and repairing shields ~ hands-on - trainer guided 

Week 3 Training ~ Active Outer Perimeter Shielding  

  • Active Outer Shielding Training
  • Hands-on Practice Using Outer Perimeter Shields (using body sensation to anticipate active outer shielding)
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Week 11  Shielding and Career/Life/Relationship

  • Choose 1 career goal where Shielding would improve your professional or work life
  • Be prepared to talk about how you have been using shielding at work or in a personal relationship
  • 1:1 in group coaching  

Week 10 Goals Integration into Active Shielding

  • Apply your goal to an ongoing life issue
  • Intention Outer and Inner Shields as appropriate to pay attention to this issue
  • Notice how others in the group are using their intentioning

Choose Installment Plan 

Workshop Dates: ​  2017  
Session 1 
12 Weekly Sessions - 120 minutes interactive hands-on learning

Begins: Tuesday January 10, 2017       7:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Ends:    Tuesday April 11, 2017 

Session 2   
Begins:  Tuesday September 12, 2017 
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Ends:  Tuesday November 28, 2017