The Empath's Fact Sheet

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FACT:   Empaths are feeling beings before they are intellectual beings

FACT:  Empaths feel first, think second, react third, take action fourth.

FACT:   Empaths communicate unconsciously using waves of energetic vibrations sent out to others

FACT:   Empaths receive incoming communication from others through body sensation in advance of words and intellectual meaning

FACT:  Empaths feel all emotions not just the negative  -  positive, negative, and invisible energies 

FACT:  Empaths feel the emotions and needs of animals

FACT:  Empaths feel and react to the physical energy of the earth, the air, the water, the fire

FACT:  Empaths suffer more overwhelm than non-empaths

FACT:  Empaths suffer more illness than non-empaths

FACT:  Empaths are more physically sensitive to sound, light, temperature, and touch

FACT:  Empaths self-isolate to self-protect from incoming invasive energy radiating from others

FACT:  Untrained empaths unconsciously take ownership of all the energy they feel and are unable to distinguish between their own  and that belonging to others

FACT:  Empaths feel emotions from others as intuitions, wordless emotions, self-critical thoughts, physical body sensation

FACT:  Empaths want to fix the world that causes the pain in their bodies because if others didn’t hurt, their own pain would stop.