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VIP  Empath SKILLS Training


1:1 is FAST TRACK 

Private and Confidential 


Measurable Results FASTER 



  • VIP Empath Skills Training is your fast-track to empathic skills success lasting anywhere from a few sessions to a one year commitment. You set the goals. You choose the measurable milestones that define transformation. AND you define which empathic skill and tools you believe you need to make it ALL happen. 
  • VIP 1:1 EST Sessions are booked to your schedule.  You have private message access, and in-the-moment support as needed based on your level of commitment. 
  • VIP 1:1 EST is also for those who feel too fragile or feel too vulnerable at the beginning of their empath skills training journey to be exposed to the energy of others.  These empaths may only require VIP for a very short period of time before they are ready to transition to identified needs group workshops which are also live and facilitator led.   

                                      1:1 VIP Empath Skills Training

                                                 Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Privacy and Confidentiality 

Private coaching is often preferred by those who need complete privacy to feel their identity and gifts are safe and secure within the coaching relationship.  All VIP Elite training is completely confidential. 

If this is you, you might be an entrepreneur who is building a high profile business and need identity anonymity.  

Inner-Self Technology

You're successful, but feel incomplete, as if some important part of you is waiting to be discovered. Is it time to develop your inborn empathic skills to the same level as your business acumen?  There is a difference between business technology and inner-self technology.  The difference might put you at the forefront of your marketplace as a heart-centered entrepreneur. 

You vs The Competition

You also understand how real world + spiritual connection builds your heart-centered, visibly authentic business empires designed to help people. You and your business becomes visibly authentic, making meaningful contributions to your marketplace, while fulfilling a need, providing employment, and making money.  

Executive Stress & Burnout

You may already be a successful executive or leader, who, in the race to build your career buried your untrained empathic gifts but are now overwhelmed  by unconsciously internalizing the stress of everyone around you.  Subconsciously, out of need, and perhaps a little hero-worship they are feeding off of your strength.

This is more than the double/double for your morning coffee!  As a born empath, you will continue to live life, experiencing all of your gifts, unaware that you may be also be experiencing life through the eyes of many other people, all at the same time.  You are viewing it all from within your own sphere of influence. This can be exhausting, confusing, and without training will eventually lead to burnout.

Good News

Now for the good news...  To continue to build your career you will need to integrate ALL of your gifts and talents. This means finally taking the time to learn every nuance of WHO you are, so you can use every skill you have to keep growing your success AND live in peace with every piece of yourself. Getting the empathic skills training you need will reduce the overwhelmm, which means reduced need for meds to control your stress and anxiety.  If burnout and failure are not an option, then building your energy shields, learning the secrets of communicating from within the 4 empath character profiles will get your stress reduced immediately.  Learning your empathic values system and  making aligned business and personal decisions will transform stress into renewed passion. As you can see, empathic skills training may be essential to your already well documented success. VIP Empath Coaching ensures the security of invisibility while protecting your need for ultimate privacy as you up-level your leader personality from within the solid structure of empathic tools and skills.

                                                    Wellness Practitioners

1:1 VIP Renewed Wellness for Hands-on Wellness Practitioners

​​Healers, Intuitive, Wellness Practitioners, and  mainstream Doctors, Nurses, and EMT's all share one trait!

You are all in-taking the energetic vibrations of the illnesses of your patients and clients. Without even realizing it, as you read their ailment, work on their bodies, and heal them, you are processing their vibrational energy.  You are taking it into your minds, and your bodies as part of your process of understanding and working your everyday healing gifts. Over time your body has so many layers of illness that are not yours, and begins to feel the affect.  You become tired, stressed, depressed, and even begin to exhibit signs of illness unattributable to your own health.

  • Many healers bear these personal symptoms as a sign they are doing their work.
  • Some have resigned themselves to sacrifice their energy to their calling, but who said this is how it is supposed to be?  

Empath Skills Training for Healers has already had striking reversals in the overall physical, psychic, and spiritual health of many very active healers. Specific, detailed and focused shielding protects both you and your clients from energy exchange while allowing you to read the finest detail of their need. You learn how to block, and return-to-sender all dangerous, needy, fearful, grasping energies without harm to your self. You end your day energized, healthy and ready to live fully alive.  

Shielding is just the beginning. Next steps depends on your need and is customized as your journey unfolds.  

                                                1:1 VIP Rebuilding Identity

Rape Victims and Victims of Abuse

Steps to Rebuilding Identity through Empath Coaching

  • Shielding is the first step in providing a safe inner and outer environment so the victim can rest, heal, and define who they are, who they want to be, and how to be in the world.  
  • Journey Process to find your unique and trusted strengths in life's most challenging situations is an essential building block in restructuring identity and empowerment. This form of coaching is personally guided, in an emotionally safe cocoon, proven to uncover your strengths and ability to release the hold your trauma has over you.  Several follow-up sessions continue to reveal more and more strengths and learning as you embed new self-trust in who you are.  
  • The person who feels too vulnerable to function inside group coaching is encouraged to explore VIP 1:1 safety nets. Empaths by nature, not nurture, are influenced by an overriding feeling of vulnerability in sensitive interpersonal situations.  It may be the fear of vulnerability and repeating history of vulnerability which hold you back from your greatest success.  

Who Benefits from VIP 1:1 Empath Skills Training

  • Leaders on the verge of burnout
  • Leaders who anticipate burnout at some stage and want to avoid it
  • Leaders of teams who need skills to read team members to ensure group success
  • Leaders in heart centered industries who want to lead by example
  • Entrepreneurs in heart-centered businesses
  • Healers of ALL descriptions
  • EMT, Police Officers, Firefighters, Ambulance Drivers
  • Abused Men, Women, and Children
  • Rape Victims
  • Too many to list here