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For Example:  The Nurturer feels physical sensation coming from others.  Those incoming sensations may land somewhere in the empath's body and the empath feels it, as a foreign feeling.  Using 'informed' intuition to 'guess' what the problem might be, the empath may send back a healing sensation of calm or compassion to the original sender.  Distance is irrelevant to empaths.

How Empaths Personalities Live In The Real World 
Non-empaths connect with, and trust others using their own stories and life experiences.  Empaths 'read' other people's energy using body sensation, intuition, and their own stories.   We intellectualize what we 'read' to make meaning of what we 'feel'.  

We are unique and we are gifted.  BUT we are not so different from non-empaths in how we move body sensation to the brain to make sense from what we 'feel'. Humans are feeling, thinking creatures.  Even non-empaths respond to fight or flight primitive early warning survival signals built int our DNA. 

Each of the four profile categories 'reads' people using sensation-based skills specific to their profile.  Each profile is motivated to 'read' people for different reasons, in different ways. And each profile looks for radically different outcomes. Take note here, that not all empaths function in the same way.

​One More Time....

  • Empaths read people using intuition triggered by unconsicous body sensation. 
  • Non-empaths may also use body centric intuition without realizing what they are doing.  
  • Non-empaths rely on intellect and past experience to find meaning in their interactions.  

Stay with me a little longer to pick up a little more background before we get to the meat of each profile.  Soon, we will dissect each of the profiles.  

FYI  To stop being an empath you'd have to block your DNA encoded gift!  Yes, it is possible to block your ability to read, feel, and intuit others, but I don't recommend it.  If you have accidentally done so, then you know what it feels like to live blind, deaf, and less than half-alive disconnected from the body sensation that tells you where you are, and what is about to happen. Unblocking your abilities is a long process but well worth the effort to get your life back. 

Warning:  As you read through the detailed descriptions of each of the profile below you will try to fit yourself into a category.  Attempting to find the ONE profile that describes you perfectly won't happen.  We don't fit exclusively into just one box because at any given moment-in-time you will exhibit behaviours of all four profiles, however one will be more dominant than the others.  Dig a little deeper, and you will discover that while one is always dominant you shift into the others when need arises. 

Take a moment right now and based on titles alone, guess which profile you think is your major, and which might be your minors.  You might be correct BUT you might also be very pleasantly surprised by the time you finish this Handout. For your ease EACH profile has its own page.  


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    The 4 Core Empath Personalities

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