Simplicity is the basis of this system, and learning how to use the profiles is your next step beyond this handout.   Here are the categories for the Four Empath Personality Profiles: 

  • Nurturer
  • Leader
  • Analyzer
  • Promoter

Below click EACH button to visit one Empath Personality Profile at a time.  


Better identity defining systems are the fast track to using your life experience to get answers to who you are and why do things the way you do. Traditional psychology provides a number of different personality profiling systems.  As a professional life coach, I am always searching from new ways of looking at life.  


Stripping away all the big words, I saw the ways in which these four categories were close but inadequately defined our empath's world. They  didn't laser focus on what is unique in how empaths communicate with each other and how we could improve communication with non-empaths in the real world so we get heard.  


1.  Rebuild each profile to specifically describe empaths

2. Show how each profile type communicates with the other profile types - speaking empath to empath.  Most empaths have not had wise elders teach them how to use their gifts, therefore it seemed timely to give untrained empaths the tools to understand how 'FEELING' is the bedrock of reaction and action. Many empaths have been told that feeling is bad, intellect without feeling is good, but this isn't true. Empaths need a harmony between feeling and intellect. 

3.  Demonstrate how empaths productively communicate with non-empaths to be heard, understood, respected, and successful in the real world

Managing Emathic Gifts

Once I understood how empaths communicate with each other, profile to profile using the feeling intuition all empaths share, it was time to stretch into how empath recognize the four profiles in the wider world.  Empaths communicate with each other effectively using intuitive skills we all share.  A problem arises when we we try to communicate with non-empaths to get the recognition and results using those same intuitive skills.  Sometimes it works, other times it's as if we are on different planets, speaking different languages.  When you learn how to manage all 4 profiles, you will be able to communicate clearly and effectively with empaths and non-empaths alike. This is a mammoth forward step in opening up communication between all kinds of people, so the empath in you can finally be heard at work, in relationship, with your kids of all ages, and on the playing field.

Why only 4 Empath Personality profiles 


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